There’s nothing funnier than talking to someone who accidentally writes in the wrong screen and sends a message to the wrong person. Here is one that happened last night to a boy I was talking to.

???? oh thank you
???? so how has work been lately for u
???? hmmm
???? if i know everything and am still here i will want u more when i get there
???? just love ur body
???? just take a few topless photos
???? wrong screen
???? that is my cousins screen
???? sorry about that
???? she was going for a movie shot and we was joking about boobs selling for film artists
???? she is very self consious
???? like most people
???? u still there

Funny enough he tries to cover up his miss tell of the dirty message by saying he was talking to his “cousin”, if you talk to your “cousin” like this and ask for topless pictures, I think you’ve been in Utah way too freaking long.

So first off, always make sure you are typing in the right messenger box and if you happen to accidentally do this, for Christ’s sake don’t try to lie about it, obviously I’m not stupid enough to fall for it and I doubt most girls are, so not only do you come off as a idiotic pervert if you accidentally write something nasty to the wrong girl, but you also come off as a idiotic lying pervert and in this case an idiotic lying pervert who commits incest.